Lights Camera Limousines!

Here I am now at Limousine World 2015, an exhibition of the world’s top-selling, and most eclectic collection, of high-end limousines! This exhibition hall is huge and there are over 300 limousines on display for this weekend alone! I got this idea of visiting a limousines from my other previous job as a receptionist job at Limo Hire Perth WA.

Starting of our coverage is the venue entrance where a 21-foot vintage Mercedes Benz limo in gleaming pearl white welcomes the crowd. This limo was built by Mercedes Benz in 1965 for a member of the Austrian royal family. After serving for more than 20 years, it was retired and auctioned off to interested collectors, ending up with a fine gentleman from London who owns most of the limos in this event. Indeed, it is one fine piece that one can have in one’s collection!

Moving inside the great hall, there are rows of mirror black limousines customized and detailed by local boys LimoLover Ltd., a shop that’s been fitting out limousines for hotel, corporate clients, high-end casinos and private individuals. What’s thrilling about this fleet of limousines is that each one is designed based on a particular theme and customers can select which theme they want, from the Safari edition, with faux lionskin seat covers and rainforest curtains, to the Space Age edition that has silver leather covers, glow in the dark mini-bar and luminous carpeting. They also have the All Sports edition, with locker room style compartments, an entertainment area that plays the top sports games, and throw pillows in the shape of a basketball, soccer ball, football, and baseball bat! Really out of this world ideas coming from the boys at LimoLover Ltd.

Walking over to the other side, we see a slew of nasty looking off-road vehicles converted into long bed limousines. Here’s a bright yellow stretch Humvee from the 2012 Hummer chassis and stretched to 12 feet. It’s a limo that can fit up to 25 people comfortably. Inside, it has the best in creature comforts: 40-inch HD TV and entertainment center, two mini-bars, plush Captain’s Chairs and leather covered bench seats.

Beside this area are some of the latest prototypes of how the future limousine will look like. This one is a project of Lincoln-Mercury that’s not due to be released until 2019. It’s a 30-foot limousine developed from the same chassis of the 2016 Lincoln Town Car. It’s got a glass that separates the driver from the action in the back, where occupants can lounge comfortably in full leather Captains Chairs and a mini-bar/cooler between it. At the back, there is a dual-power bi-fold sofa that can be converted into a full bed for those long road trips.

These limousines featured in the photos are just some of the first batch of exciting new products we’ve seen displayed here in Limousine World Expo 2015. We haven’t even begun to check out the other exciting products on display, particularly the bus and shuttle limousines at the far end. I’ll have that available online in the next edition of this blog.

Why you should pursue a career in photography

Of course I am biased when it comes to discussing about the topic of photography. It is what I do now, so of course I will be biased on the topic. But I don’t make any apology at all. In fact I am glad that I did. Someone has to! Hahahahaa. So anyways, if you are ever considering to do photography – then I highly recommend it.

Although photography is normally seen as “not a real job” according to many people I know. You’re probably saying why would people that I know will hurt me by saying this? The truth is that many don’t know what I do for a living. Hence why they said it when I asked them. But you know what, it doesn’t bother me one bit. In fact, it motivates me even more.

Anyways lets get to the nuts and bolts of why I think you take up photography:

  • In my opinion, it is a form of art
  • society need us! Think about it, we need a photographer for weddings, for school ball etc
  • do something that you are passionate about
  • it can take you around the world!

Many have also asked me if the startup costs are high? Eg. buying a camera. My reply is.. it doesn’t have to be high, with anything in life.. spend according to your budget.

I could go on and on about the topic of why you should take up photography but I will let my other posts about my adventure that I’ve experienced thanks to photography.

My day at a popular car show.

Part of a photography hobbyist’s job is looking for subjects to photograph, both as a leisurely pursuit or means of practicing the craft, and as a way of life if one gets paid money to take photographs. One of my favorite events to capture on film (or digital) are car shows, though sometimes it used to remind me of the car detailing place I used to work for as a receptionist. Click here if you want to check out their website. If you end up booking with them just say Kerri sent you there. The opportunities to fully expand one’s photography skills while meeting different people from various walks of life are some of the main benefits. Of course, it also becomes all the more special if you have a fondness for motor cars!

I remember fondly the motor shows I used to go to. There would literally be hundreds of cars spread out over a huge exhibition hall the size of several football fields. The car show featured various cars and vehicles of all makes and modifications, from new car models to the vintage and classic pieces, from the souped up sports cars to the outdoor off-road vehicles. There’d also be an area for show cars that showcase and show off the latest trends in car detailing and modification, like slick paint jobs and decals, sound systems, fancy wheels, snazzy interior detailing, and other accessories that may contribute to a car’s ‘wow’ factor. Organizers would normally designate different sections of the venue for a particular theme based on these categories, so there literally is a lot of things to see and do during a car show. Check the photo I took below. Awesome?

detailed car photoThe latest car show was held at Martin Place in downtown Sydney and the outdoor setting gave me a lot of photo opportunities using natural light and the spectacular backdrop afforded by the buildings in Sydney’s central business district. Gleaming cars from high-end European brands like Peugeot, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Range Rover and Alfa Romeo were displayed on one end of Martin Place. On the other side could be found the Asian brands Mazda, Lexus, Subaru, Infiniti, Honda and Toyota. The center of the exhibition space featured some exciting concept model cars that are fresh from the design studio and not expected to hit the market in the next three to five years.

Using my FujiFilm X100T Silver Digital Compact Camera, I stealthily made my way around the exhibition to try to capture each car in the best way possible. The nifty thing about this camera I’m using is that I have complete control of how I want to shoot the photo without relying on the usual bells and whistles associated with digital photography. While I still have manual control of the camera, this is made simpler for me by the advanced technology inside it. So, focusing is crisper and colors come alive. The X100 churns out 16-megapixel photos so I was sure all the little details of a shiny car can be discerned in the final output.

By the end of the day, I had filled a total of four 8 gigabyte digital cards with various photos of cars and vehicles, as well as some celebrities in the motoring world, a smattering of fashion models hawking the car brands, and tons of onlookers, event visitors and those just passing by but couldn’t avoid ogling at the display areas.

The Beauty of Liquid Limestone

Amateur photography is what you might be thinking. Not me. I think it deserves a place in my very first post. Someone sent this photo in featuring liquid limestone (by SOS) poured around a medium sized swimming pool. The contrast of the water and the pure white blessed paving around it makes it an art work in my eyes. The photo also captured the dog walking as the photo was taken. Only partially, making it somewhat good! The background weather also exemplified the country’s typical outlook, all captured in a single snapshot. Many would argue the angle of the shot is somewhat “standard”, but then again natural is what comes in mind looking at this shot. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, including mine! Don’t take offence, but rather embrace the  different minds we all have!

Write in to me and tell me what you think about this piece of photography. Is it too plain? Is it just a shot of someone’s backyard? Hmmm come to think about it it kinda is… but then again art is a wonderful thing. Where you might actually see it from a different angle and see beauty rather than “ordinary”. Take a cloud for example. As you lay down in the park or the beach and look up to the clouds. What is their shapes? Looking at one cloud, one might say it’s a shape of a love heart whilst another person might say it is a shape of a plane. Get it? Absolutely depends on the person looking at it, doesn’t it? Certainly does.

Poolside LimestoneAs I’ve said about my blog, it is a photoblography. Combining photo and a blurb on the photo as the topic. Being liquid limestone paving around a pool, let’s talk a little technical. Technically liquid limestone by many is actually not considered a “paving” as such, but rather a poured liquid. Too technical? I think so! It’s way over my head. I am an artist, not a scientist! Full stop! Take care and see you all in my next post. Hopefully very soon!