The Beauty of Liquid Limestone

Amateur photography is what you might be thinking. Not me. I think it deserves a place in my very first post. Someone sent this photo in featuring liquid limestone (by SOS) poured around a medium sized swimming pool. The contrast of the water and the pure white blessed paving around it makes it an art work in my eyes. The photo also captured the dog walking as the photo was taken. Only partially, making it somewhat good! The background weather also exemplified the country’s typical outlook, all captured in a single snapshot. Many would argue the angle of the shot is somewhat “standard”, but then again natural is what comes in mind looking at this shot. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, including mine! Don’t take offence, but rather embrace theĀ  different minds we all have!

Write in to me and tell me what you think about this piece of photography. Is it too plain? Is it just a shot of someone’s backyard? Hmmm come to think about it it kinda is… but then again art is a wonderful thing. Where you might actually see it from a different angle and see beauty rather than “ordinary”. Take a cloud for example. As you lay down in the park or the beach and look up to the clouds. What is their shapes? Looking at one cloud, one might say it’s a shape of a love heart whilst another person might say it is a shape of a plane. Get it? Absolutely depends on the person looking at it, doesn’t it? Certainly does.

Poolside LimestoneAs I’ve said about my blog, it is a photoblography. Combining photo and a blurb on the photo as the topic. Being liquid limestone paving around a pool, let’s talk a little technical. Technically liquid limestone by many is actually not considered a “paving” as such, but rather a poured liquid. Too technical? I think so! It’s way over my head. I am an artist, not a scientist! Full stop! Take care and see you all in my next post. Hopefully very soon!